Hi, Candice Hollub here! My love for makeup, hair, and all things girly started the day I came out of the womb, I’m almost positive. You can hardly find a picture of my younger self without a bow in my hair to perfectly match my color coordinated ensemble. Fast forward to age 8 and my mom declared it was time for my sisters and I to style our own hair, ponytails included, after one too many tears shed in the master bathroom from her attempt at hair-fixing while getting ready for school, church, or dance. By age 13, I figured out I was good enough on my own to try my hand at a few updos and my aunt paid me to do my cousins hair. I’d say that’s the real day my heart for the beauty industry began. You mean to tell me I can get PAID to do HAIR?


Yes. All the yes. Sign. Me. Up.


At age 17 I signed up for cosmetology school, was commissioned to do my first wedding and this train of hair styling hasn’t stopped since. Throughout my 10 years + of experience in the bridal hairstyling industry, I picked up a license in cosmetology, a bachelor’s degree in Communication from Texas A&M University, a cherished career in the Houston bridal industry, started a lifestyle blog {@lotsoflovely_}, became a wife to my high school sweetheart, and finally, my favorite name, a mama. 


That last title truly inspired me to take this next leap of faith to feed my creative spirit and allow time to be with the ones I love. Over the years I feel God has not only gifted me the talent to style hair, He has also given me a heart for teaching hairstyling. I am so thankful you found your way to my little space on the World Wide Web and I'm honored you have interest in this new venture of mine...The Lovely Hair Class: Hair education for professionals, enthusiasts, or the everyday girl.