Ahhhhhh this highly requested workshop is now ready for you to join!! For months, I have taught pros and enthusiasts the ins and outs of professional hairstyling techniques with my background and career in bridal hairstyling but with the combination of my blog (@lotsoflovely_ on the ol' IG) and even right here at my new company (pretty positive that's how you wound up here but what the heck @thelovelyhairclass), I am constantly getting asked questions like "what lip color is that?", "how do you do your brows?", or "can you help me tease my hair?! I have no idea how!" so I finally decided to take the plunge and debut my first every hair AND makeup class for my everyday girls {anyone, anyhow, with any job, not limited to a pro stylist} to learn my tips and tricks!


I have spent hours...yes, HOURS (actually, let's be real, probably days at this point) watching YouTube makeup and hair tutorials and although I think it is an incredible 21st century tool to be able to learn SO much about the beauty world, the one thing I feel like it is missing is the interpersonal and interactive part to be able to jump through the screen and ask said beauty guru any specific request about how to apply her technique to the viewer's face/skin/hair/etc. So that's what this is, my version of a live YouTube tutorial where I sit down and I do my makeup and hair right along with you doing your makeup and hair and we chat all things beauty for a few hours and you leave feeling like you're one step closer to not having a full blown anxiety attack at your nearest Target beauty aisle or even more intimidating...a SEPHORA trip where you want to buy good makeup and hair products but you don't even know where to begin. Or maybe you buy too much and don't know how to use it!? I will have you bring your own everyday makeup bag and hair tools/products and we'll go from there, with the goal being to utilize as much as you already own and customize a wish list after the class is done. 


I am so excited to be able to offer this to you all and might even throw in a special holiday treat....'tis the season after all! Click HERE to sign up. Cheers!